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Version 1.0.1 has not been tested yet








This review is for version 1.0.1 published on this date –
1 Mar 2014

REVIEW:You can use a webcam as a desktop camera or as an external webcam. It’s an excellent solution and a welcome addition to all those computer users who use both a desktop PC and a laptop, even if they happen to own both the laptop and a desktop computer at the same time (like me).

REVIEW:You can use a webcam as a desktop camera or as an external webcam. It’s an excellent solution and a welcome addition to all those computer users who use both a desktop PC and a laptop, even if they happen to own both the laptop and a desktop computer at the same time (like me).

Versus the other suggested products, this solution is probably the easiest to install and use.

Installation is quite smooth and the main application window has the typical OS-specific images and menus.The program reminds you that when it’s installed it will be placed in the system tray area.

Because the input stream is drawn from the webcam and outputted to other applications, there are plenty of options and features, including the ability to zoom and pan the camera, apply chromatic corrections and manipulate the audio input through the webcam.

There are plenty of video quality settings, including frame and resolution, FPS, compression, chromatic correction, gamma, contrast, image stabilization, automatic

gain control, panning and zooming.

The primary usage of this software is for webcams (of course). It does allow for picture-in-picture of the webcam and audio support for output from a DVD or any digital camcorder.

There are a few things that could be improved with this application.

The main problem is when one of the monitors is already running and the other one is inputting from the camera. It will cause both devices to automatically freeze. Another problem is running two programs at the same time and using the camera at the same time. It causes both programs to freeze or go into “not responding” mode. However, once again, these problems could be

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Captures streaming video of one or more cameras and splits it into two or more devices.

Functions as a network camera if one is connected to the PiP.

Any video format can be used and the formats that can be used are: JPEG, JPEG+GRAY and ARGB/BGR.

It has a very simple interface and supports a large number of cameras.

Once the connection is made, it is simple to set up this program and start using it.

Any video stream can be captured and there are detailed options so it is simple to set up.

It is also possible to set limits in order to save resources.

The built-in code provides options to detect the camera that is being used and take automatic adjustments to limit the resolution or the FPS.

You can use this program with several programs on one system, including: GStreamer, VLC, Gvim, Pcmanfm, Qtractor, the file manager, MX Fenix and many others.

All these are very interesting functions but it is worth nothing that they can be combined in a single application that provides a simple software that is capable of keeping a single camera stream sending it to several virtual devices at once.

Given that this could be done with several applications, WebCamSplitter Pro does not have that many functions, although it does a really good job in a few functions that are mostly related to setting things up and making it work well.

Overall, I recommend using WebCamSplitter Pro. It has a good support with multiple camera streams.

WebCamSplitter Pro Review:

The software is a useful tool for splitting the video stream from a webcam and enabling several devices to capture one stream and view it.

It is very easy to setup and configure and does a good job when it comes to working properly.

WebCamSplitter Pro is easy to use for someone who does not know how to use this kind of software, but for the more advanced users there are other tools available for the same purposes.

Closing Thoughts:

WebCamSplitter Pro is a handy tool for the system. It has good features for splitting the video stream from a webcam and for letting multiple systems capture it at the same time.

The software has some options that allow controlling it, although you can consider that you can do the same using other tools.

This software has a simple interface, but it works

WebCamSplitter Pro Crack Activation Code With Keygen [Win/Mac]

WebCamSplitter Pro is a freely distributed application that allows splitting a video stream in full-screen windows. The resolution and FPS of the input stream are defined along with the configuration of the output streams. WebCamSplitter Pro supports DV, VGA, SVGA, QQVGA, QQXGA, QCIF, QCIF-DV, QCIF-HD, QCIF-720, QCIF-1080, QCIF-720-TV-QUAD SCREEN, 3CCD, Webcam/desktop-site video, mplayer/mms/smplayer, xine/mms/xmovie, Youtube/WMC/XBOX, Netstream video (from websites/individuals/video cameras) and more.
WebCamSplitter Pro is free of charge for personal and commercial use, and there is no support line for this application.

What’s new in version 3.0.1 of

WebCamSplitter Pro 3.0.1 includes a few improvements and bug fixes:


Improved the migration to Linux system (python 2.7.x or 3.x)

Added more resolutions for VGA and SVGA outputs

Added VGA output

Added frames per second control for VGA output

Added settings option to the website configuration screen

Fixed some issues with the new site configuration screen

Bug fixes

What’s new in version 3.0.0 of

WebCamSplitter Pro 3.0.0 includes a few improvements and bug fixes:


Changed the default installation location

Changed the installation location to /usr/share/WebCamSplitterPro

Bug fixes


WebCamSplitter Pro 2.0.0 is now available.

The installation location has been changed to /usr/share/WebCamSplitterPro instead of /opt/WebCamSplitterPro

Bug fixes

It includes the following major new features:

Now it includes all the following new resolution support: QQVGA/QQCIF/QQXGA

Support DV output

Support SVGA output

Support VGA output

Now you can select the resolution of the output on the website

What’s New in the?

WebCamSplitter Pro is a free software application that allows you to split the video stream of a connected webcam (or any other type of video source) so that the device can be used with multiple programs at once.
– Use any video stream (Webcam or not)
– Stream can be split to multiple applications or virtual devices
– Works with almost any media player or capture application
– Allows you to configure the features for each output device
– Option to split webcam stream in frames at a defined interval
– Possibility to control the position of the output device on the screen
– PiP (picture-in-picture) feature
– Option to control the vertical and horizontal window position

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