Song List Generator 9.02 Crack Product Key Download [March-2022]

Song List Generator 9.02 Crack Product Key Download [March-2022]

Song List Generator is a tool that you can use to generate a list of audio tracks from a folder.
The user interface of the program is clean and simple. You can import a folder, optionally include subfolders and select the import format (e.g. "Title – Artist").
But you can also select the import filter (e.g. files dated on or after a specific date, files that contain a particular word in a field) and exclude filter, as well as configure auto correction options (e.g. convert underscores to spaces, auto capitalize).
If the tool has failed to process some of the files, you can view them in a list that can be saved in a TXT format.
So, you can view the total number of files, sort them by artist, title or disc ID, manually add songs, use a song removal filter (that contain a certain word of phrase in a field), as well as toggle the viewing mode between displaying disc IDs and versions.
When you want to generate a song list, you can configure the layout, effects and page settings. So, you can select the book preset, set book options (e.g. sort by, columns, song font size, group artists in leader rows) and data columns, modify the display style (standard, black and white, custom color), and more. Settings can be restored to default at any time.
The program takes up a moderate amount of system resources, includes a well-drawn help file and quickly finishes a task without freezing, crashing or popping up any errors. Although Song List Generator could upgrade its interface, we strongly recommend it to all users.

Song List Generator Crack + Product Key [Mac/Win] [Updated] 2022

Song List Generator is a list of songs generator program. It will help you to generate songs list from your audio music files. It supports batch processing and making a song list from all music files in a folder. It can create an autocorrect lists of songs.
Main Features:
1. Support batch processing. You can select the process option and type a number of song files to select. And then the software will batch process them, and a list of songs will be generated.
2. Support column sorting. You can select the column list and sort the list by your favor.
3. Support list view. You can select the view option to view the list of songs in list view or single view.
4. Support audio format. You can select the format of files to read. You can export the list to TXT format, which you can import to different programs.
5. Support ignore filter. You can ignore the files that you want to ignore in the list.
6. Support the change of font size and color. You can change the font size and color of the list view to match the style of the book.
7. Support search. You can type a keyword to search. The software will search through the song files and show the matched list.
8. Support search format. You can search by the data of the file, its title, its artist, its disc number or its path.
9. Support auto correct. The software can auto-correct the misspelled words or a series of special words (such as “this”,”that”,”where” “what” etc.). You can select whether it will be corrected automatically.
10. Support page selection. You can adjust the size of the list, such as the column list, the group list, the song title list and the song information list.
11. Support the word auto correction. You can specify the words that you want to autocorrect. The software will auto-correct them to the relevant list.
12. Support the delete batch operation. You can select all the songs at the same time to delete them.
13. Support the calculation of the song number. You can select the song list and calculate the number of songs in the list.
14. Support the option to delete. You can select the option to delete the songs in the list.
15. Support the option to merge. You can select the songs that are in the same list and merge them.
16. Support to select songs

Song List Generator Crack+ With License Key

Generate a list of Audio tracks that are contained in a folder.

• File Type:
– Import any directory.
– Import multiple directories.
– Import sub directories.
– Export to TXT format.
– Include folders or not.
– Include sub folders or not.
– Import date range, you can use the “Date” field to set a date range for your files.
– Use any file as a source. You can use ANY FILE as source file.
– Quick processing.
– Simple user interface.
– Auto correct options, you can select file type to auto correct special characters.
– More list options.
• Filter Type:
– Filter by Title or Artist
– Filter by date, if you have file in your folder is more than a date, it will not work, you can use the date field to set the file in the folder.
– Filter by text file, if you want to filter a text file and use the files, you need to put them in a text file.
– Filter by subdirectories, select subdirectories first and then select the files you want to filter.
– Filter by disc ID, select disc ID first and then select the files you want to filter.
– Filter by genre, if you want to filter a specific genre, you need to add them to the file first.
– Filter by disc version, select disc version first and then select the files you want to filter.
– Filter by “Artist – Album”.
– Filter by “Discs – Genre”
– Filter by “Discs – Title”
– Filter by “Discs – Year”
– Filter by “Discs – Disc number”.
– Filter by any file formats.
– Select or Hide Songs, you can select or hide a single file that you want to exclude.
– Filter by song’s length.
– Export songs.
– Generate a list.
– Sort your song list.
– View artist, title, song name, song id, artist id, genre, disc ID, disc version, disc number, disc date and disc path.
– Save/Restore album art, you can save or restore your album art folder.
• Import:
– Add songs one by one or add multiple songs at once.
– Import entire album, or select the songs you want to import.
– Import all files as a file.


Song List Generator Crack + Keygen Download [April-2022]

Song List Generator is an easy-to-use and feature-rich tool for generating a list of songs from a folder. This software is powered by the VST AU/VST RTAS SDK.
This tool generates a song list by reading songs from an import folder (via drag-and-drop), optionally importing subfolders, and sorting songs by artist, title or disc ID. You can select the format of generated file (m4a, m3u8, mp3, m3u, wav).
This tool supports the following features:
– Import songs from a folder or a single song;
– Select a specific folder to be scanned or a range of days to select a playlist;
– Import songs from a playlist;
– Allow/deny scanning of folder subfolders;
– Sort songs by artist, title, or disc ID;
– Adjust field order (artist/title/disc ID/title);
– Adjust playlist name format;
– Show/hide artist name and title;
– Replace special characters with spaces;
– Copy disc ID and version from a song;
– Add songs manually;
– Sort songs by disc ID, version, or date;
– Filter songs by disc ID or disc ID/version;
– Filter songs by artist, title, or disc ID;
– Select a folder to be scanned by subfolders;
– Ignore case;
– Choose a cover image;
– Choose if you want to convert underscore to spaces;
– Choose if you want to auto capitalize;
– Choose if you want to open files in a new tab;
– Choose if you want to show disc IDs in list and remove disc ID from the song name;
– Choose if you want to show song version in list and remove song version from the song name;
– Choose if you want to open files in a new tab;
– Toggle the viewing mode between displaying disc IDs and versions;
– Customization of column settings;
– Customization of layout settings;
– Customization of effects settings;
– Customization of page settings.
Main features
The program is fully-featured and easy to use, it covers most of requirements of a user and won’t disappoint you.
There are several main features:
– Import songs from a folder or a single song;
– Allow/deny scanning of folder subfolders;
– Sort songs by artist,

What’s New In?

The program takes a folder of audio files and returns a list of songs ordered by artist, title and disc ID. It has a robust search and filter functionality. You can also convert the results into a TXT file.
The program includes well-designed and easy-to-use user interface. You can select a folder to be imported, optionally include subfolders and set the import format (e.g. "Title – Artist").
You can choose the import filter (e.g. files that contain a particular word in a field).
You can also set song removal filters and configure how to display song IDs and versions.
The program can be used in two modes. In standard mode, the program displays disc IDs and song titles. In advanced mode, the program displays disc IDs and versions. You can choose the view style (standard, black and white, custom color).
The program allows you to configure the display layout. So, you can select the list preset (Song List, Artist, Disc ID), set the number of columns and display style (columns, leader rows, standard, black and white), modify the font size and more.
You can view the song list in a list, which you can save in a TXT file.
The program offers nine styles of lists that can be saved in a TXT file.
You can configure the page display of the song list.
The program has a well-designed help file.
The program quickly returns a song list and doesn’t require an update. The program doesn’t require a restart.
You can restore settings of the program (i.e. the layout, effects and page settings) to default.
The program requires Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/8/10 or higher and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 64bit (SP1), Windows Vista 64bit (SP1), Windows XP 64bit (SP3), Windows 7 32bit (SP1), Windows XP 32bit (SP3), Windows Vista 32bit (SP1) and Windows 2000 32bit (SP4).

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PC Specifications:
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