Shims Port Scanner Crack [Updated] 2022

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Shims Port Scanner Crack [Updated] 2022


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Shims Port Scanner Crack + Free Download [Updated]

Shims Port Scanner Full Crack is a software which lets the user view the list of open and closed ports in a particular host. As the name of this tool suggests, it is mostly oriented for hackers that have to stay online 24/7 so they can perform their jobs with no problems. For instance, if you are responsible for a web hosting or a web development company, then having this utility handy on your device is certainly a good idea. But what makes this tool awesome is that it is completely free of cost, so you can use it even without spending a penny. This one is definitely a must-have tool for anyone that needs to keep track of what port is opened or closed, on a particular website or IP address.

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Shims Port Scanner Crack Free [2022-Latest]

Shims Port Scanner Crack Free Download is a software utility which can be used in order to aid individuals in finding out what ports are opened and closed, from a user-input IP address or website.
Advantages of a portable app
The installation process can be easily skipped, as this product is portable. Consequently, the Windows registry and Start menu/screen are not going to be updated with new entries, and there will be no leftovers after its removal.
Most importantly, if you place the program files to a USB flash drive, you can take Shims Port Scanner anywhere with you, and run it on any machine you come in contact with.
Clear-cut GUI
The interface you are greeted by presents a small, yet structured window which encompasses a few buttons and panes to display the opened and closed ports. It becomes quite clear that all types of users can find their way around it, without facing any kind of difficulties.
Usage and performance
This tool only requires you to input a website or IP address, the starting and ending ports and just click the “Begin Scan” button in order to launch the process. The opened and closed ports are going to be displayed in two side-by-side panels, in quite a timely manner.
The scan in not going to affect the computer’s performance in any way, as the CPU and memory usage will constantly be at a low level.
Bottom line
In conclusion, Shims Port Scanner proves to be a pretty handy piece of software when it comes to scanning ports. You can use it alongside other programs without encountering problems, the interface is accessible to all users, the response time is good and our tests did not pick up on any errors, freezes or crashes.
Shims Port Scanner Copyright:
Copyright © 2012-2016 Northstar Software, all rights reserved.
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Portscanner 1.0.0 – Port Scanner software is a software utility that allows you to scan ports of the remote computer, which is located on your local network. That is, Portscanner opens and closes the specified protocol on remote computers. Portscanner is an open source and completely free software! Portscanner is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and Mac OS X.

PortScanner is the

Shims Port Scanner Registration Code [April-2022]

It helps you determine what ports are open and closed on your computer. All input can be done from a website or IP address.

You can even provide the starting and ending port number ranges.
The graphical user interface is very simple and intuitive. Not only that, but it is completely portable and can be distributed via a portable storage device like a USB key.

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What’s New in the Shims Port Scanner?

The free, portable, no-installation Shims Port Scanner application will help you to discover which of the computer’s ports are open and which of them are closed. There is a huge number of websites or IP addresses from which you can choose to begin the scanning, and the program will help you find out which ports are opened in the computers in your local area, or on the websites you choose.
Unlike many other port scanner tools, Shims Port Scanner is not a big, non-portable application that requires installation, and that might require further adjustments or updates which require interaction with the end-user. This software isn’t installed and it cannot be launched because it doesn’t run. It’s only portable and can be downloaded and run on any device you wish.

Shims Port Scanner Review

Shims Port Scanner worked flawlessly and you can be certain that its port scanning capabilities will not lead to any undesirable activity on the computer’s performance. You just have to select the start and end ports, and optionally the IP address or the website you wish to scan. Shims Port Scanner will detect and display the open and closed ports in either side of the window.

Whether you are employing the tool to scan your own network, or if you need to scan a website that belongs to someone else, Shims Port Scanner is the app for you. The program may be downloaded and run on any Windows device you have at your disposal. In addition, you can store the Windows registry or Start menu/screen with all the entries to better suit your needs.

Shims Port Scanner is a very easy-to-use tool that will provide you with the exact information you are looking for. The interface is easy to use and the application will be compatible with all Windows devices you have. In addition, Shims Port Scanner is completely portable and won’t require any installation or take up much space on the computer’s hard drive.

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That’s because

System Requirements For Shims Port Scanner:

Windows 7
Mac OS X 10.9
Support Minimum:
RX 470
Support Maximum:
GTX 1070
RX 580
GTX 1060
RX 480
GTX 1080
RX 590
PCI Express 3.0
100% of all AMD GPU

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