Securom Launcher Has Stopped Working Gta 4 Fix Crack [NEW]

  • June 9, 2022
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Securom Launcher Has Stopped Working Gta 4 Fix Crack [NEW]

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Securom Launcher Has Stopped Working Gta 4 Fix Crack [NEW]


Jun 30, 2017
Safe Mode
Jan 28, 2013
GTA4 has security layer that checks activation password against gaming serial number
The dealer has removed the rights of the serial numbers stored in the downloaded game
This can be bypassed using the following .
Dec 11, 2018
GTA 4 for PC… unbranded version, Global Version
Handy little tool for setting up GTA4 on your PC.
You can safely remove the SecuROM Security layer from the game, once you have installed it from the original disc or the new downloaded version. .
Nov 17, 2015
This error occurs when you bought the games on the day of release but didn’t install.
You may need to go to the store and install the game and then start the GTA IV.
If you need to install the game on multiple user PC
in a network, you need to clean the cache files .
Dec 21, 2020
The SecuROM Security layer isn’t compatible with some video games. Here is the list:
GTA IV, GTA V, Vice City, San Andreas and all previous official episodic editions
May 12, 2013
GTA IV is a popular game that has been remastered for Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.
SecuROM security layer is a protective layer that is installed on your PC when you are .
Dec 24, 2017
Some users have been getting the SecuROM security layer pop-up message on GTA IV and sometimes GTA IV and other games.
Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to open task manager, then open the “Services” tab.
Right-click “Service.exe” and the error will go away. .
Aug 12, 2020
GTA V gets SecuROM warning as a while after the release, users are getting same error code on the game. This problem was not present in Xbox 360 or PS3 versions of the game.
You may need to go to the store and install the game and then start the GTA IV. .
Jan 28, 2013
GTA4 games carry their security layer when installed on any computer, whether it is a good or bad version.
To overcome this problem, follow the below steps:
1. Go to the document folder where the downloaded files were stored, and delete all of the folders. .
2. Go to the ‘Documents and Settings/UserName’ folder


Dec 25, 2011
In the long term, the easy solution is to install the Steam application. It contains many hooks in the system, so you can re-install it without downloading and uninstalling it..
Dec 11, 2017
I don’t know if this will work, but you can try.

Install unrar 32-bit and unrar 64-bit from

Beta Version

Un-Install the SecuRom Application (Used in Securom Launcher).
Make sure you are using LTS and not a pre 1.0.0.x build.
(You may have to use a pre 1.0.0.x to run other games but with just GTA4 you don’t need this)

Download SecuLauncher-1.0.4.exe and SecuLauncher-1.0.4-x64.exe
(IE: SecuLauncher-1.0.4.exe will show SecuROM Launcher: 1.0.4 etc…)

Extract both files

**NOTE:** SecuLauncher (Official LTS) is required to launch DLC, patches and patch the GTA4 v1.0.3.0

Launch Game

(You shouldn’t need to upgrade the x64 version of SecuROM to launch the game)

Change the Icon


Uninstall Securom Launcher.

**NOTE:** If you are using Securom Launcher then you may need to reinstall Securom Launcher (although you should uninstall Securom Launcher first)

Install the x64 version of Securom Launcher

Fix Size

Open securomlauncher.ini
Add this in, so it reads:

**NOTE:** If you don’t have this, you will need to make sure you have the version of the launcher that does (you can use this to check)

Close Securom Launcher
Run Game

If you don’t have the SecuromLauncher – 1.0.4-x64.exe you might need to download the x64 version.

**NOTE**: The x64 version is needed to load the game. It is the x64 equivalent of the x86 version.

**NOTE**: Make sure you use LTS as mentioned in step 2

Unknown Error



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