Psychology of Online Dating

Psychology of Online Dating

Psychology of online dating

Regardless of the widespread using of online dating software, the subconscious aspects meet korean women of using these services remain mainly unexplored. This review aims to examine difficult use of online dating services by (i) determining use and motivations, (ii) assessing users’ personality correlates, (iii) outlining negative correlates of use, (iv) examining lovemaking and impulsive behaviour, and (v) discovering substance apply and behavioural addiction in relation to on line internet dating.

The Social Reimbursement Hypothesis:

The social reimbursement hypothesis proposes that individuals who encounter challenges in their relationships with others gravitate towards and benefit from online dating services. This can be seen as an form of social compensation, which might be due to the fact that online dating provides individuals with a safe and secure environment in which they can express themselves without the fear of rejection.

Preference with respect to Similarity:

Curiously, online dating users prefer to time frame people they have a commonality with. This is seen in a study by Fiore and Donath (2005) who evaluated data out of 65, 1000 online dating services users. That they found that participants who have believed these people were similar to their date maintained to have better relationship outcomes than those who did not.


Another drawback of online dating is definitely the possibility of ghosting. This can be a situation in which one partner ceases responding to the other, would not show up, or otherwise acts in a manner which is regarded unacceptable by other person. This can cause serious problems for the other party and will lead to mental health conditions such as major depression.

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March 2023