HostsMan Portable 4.1.96 Crack Free Download [Latest 2022]

  • June 7, 2022
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HostsMan Portable 4.1.96 Crack Free Download [Latest 2022]

Considering the fact that managing hosts files is mostly done by IT professionals, there are few utilities that can help novice users to tweak these sensitive files and here is where HostsMan Portable comes in handy.
Decide which web pages you can access
Being intended especially for beginners or for users who don’t know exactly how to manage and edit such files, HostsMan Portable is a practical and effective application that helps you to restrict access to specific websites, block spyware, images and pop-up messages, to name a few.
The main window of the application is very simple and easy to work with. It displays the total number of hostnames and the file size. Additionally, you can update the hosts files by pressing the ‘Check for Updated’ button. This way, it will disable the DNS server (that can be enabled again from the Tools menu) and will allow you to update all your hosts within seconds.
Another important feature that HostsMan Portable comes with is that you are able to manage all your sources. It allows you to specify the name and the URL address of the host file you are interested in, then add it to your personal sources.
In case you want to backup your work and make sure that you will not lose your data, you can access the ‘Backup Manager’ function, located in the bottom pane of the application, then create a new backup job. In this manner, you can rest assured that if you ever lose your data due to system failures or virus attacks, you can restore your work anytime you want.
Keep your HOSTS file updated
However, before using the application and editing these files manually, you might need to document a little bit, then start changing hosts files.
The ‘Configure Updater’ button allows you to automatically check and download new hosts file updates and display the updater panel in the main window.
By accessing the Edit menu you are able to find duplicates, delete comments, replace the current IP address, rearrange hosts and exclude specific items effortlessly.
Considering that it is a portable utility, you can carry it with you wherever you go on a removable drive and use it on any computer.
A few last words
To conclude, HostsMan Portable proves to be an effective and reliable solution that helps you to manage and edit hosts files, thanks to its complete feature pack that it comes with.









HostsMan Portable 4.1.96 Crack + License Key Free Download

Cracked HostsMan Portable With Keygen is the most essential application that allows you to view and manage hosts files in an easy manner.

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What’s New In HostsMan Portable?

System Requirements:

Windows 8 or later.
2 GB available space on your PC or SSD.
Visit our Support page to request a user manual in PDF format.
Once you have entered your support request, you will be given the URL of a form where you can provide a ZIP-containing PDF file with your user manual. We will then send you an email to this address once your request is processed.
Running the software in an admin mode is recommended. If you can’t start the game because of a permissions issue, please

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