. I conclude from the analysis that the most plausible and common cause of the terrible mass starvation of the Dark ages was a global food shortage. This happened during the 6th century AD, in the exact same place in the world where the mass famine of 2009 happens. The survival rate of the poor, industrial agriculture, and getting too much fuel for people to burn off calories (particularly the prime national energy source of the day: the burning of fat) was the ‘variable component’ for this mass famine..
Let’s investigate. ‘perhaps the [companies] need food?’. Before we get into the proof, let’s analyze what the cause of food shortage was; and the possible future of food production.. We have not had a global food shortage for some time..
We have an industrial food production..
The cause of food shortage has been argued for a considerable while..
It has long been known that poor people just don’t eat enough..
‘people are not interested in eating?’..
.. For example: ‘long work days are not fun’.. This is an external factor..
The majority of the world’s population live in a ricebowl and look to work in order to better their life..
Since the 1980s, the economic growth has given rise to the fear that the population continues to grow even though food supply is not increasing..
‘the population grew because jobs grew’. ‘When people were unemployed, they had no good reason to eat, therefore population growth halted’.
. The population still grew because ‘people wanted more food than other people’.. This ‘is the mother of all global food shortages’..
‘The Supply Management [back in the day they were called the ‘Supply Management Is Good’, but today they are marketing materials] they make for food is not enough’. ‘The industry has set the prices too high for the goods, and now the poor have no money for the products’.
. The market is failing the farmers..
‘yet the farm needs food’..
. So farmers are not selling the good they want..
‘The greedy [CEOs] make the farmers pay for the product, but not enough’. ‘The farmers [CEOs] are not allowed to sell and earn more profits’..
. Farmers are struggling..


What is the exact problem? Most videos on youtube, have sound through their speakers, but they do not have subtitles. Or have no sound (even though the video has sound and was uploaded with subtitles). I have tried to mute the speakers and to make the video with the subtitles default the only sound is my computer’s mic.
Please help!
I’m using Windows 10 32 bit.


It looks like you’ve selected video that has no associated subtitle file.
There are various programs that can convert subtitles to video in a variety of formats. I’ve noticed that some programs can only convert to certain formats, so when I run into this issue, I usually try multiple programs to see what might work. I try to start by converting the subtitles to a format that the program I know will support.
Once I have of the subtitles, I use Handbrake (my favorite) to convert the subtitle file to a movie file.

It is the perfect setting for a relaxed family holiday or a more active holiday exploring the beautiful coastline of Cornwall with many of its picturesque picturesque coves, beautiful beaches and breathtaking cliffs. The coastline of Cornwall is known for its cliff scenery and the Great Cornish Cliffs are one of the most scenic attractions in Cornwall.

At the foot of the cliffs there are many excellent attractions to visit:

Tintagel Castle

Penharrow Bay

Sennen Cove

Zennor Church


Loe Pool

The historic town of Padstow in the north west of Cornwall is a great base for exploring Cornwall. It is a town surrounded by beautiful beaches and historic Cornish towns and villages that have been attracting visitors to the area for over 700 years. Many visitors explore the local area and are surprised by what they discover. Newquay is a few minutes drive from the coast, a few minutes from Padstow and much closer to Tintagel Castle.

More information can be found at The Cornish Tourist Board.

The Newquay area is frequently picked by travel editors and magazines as a great family resort. For more information visit Visit Cornwall

For more information about places to stay and things to do during your visit to Cornwall, including how to get there by car and from airports, you can find out about Cornwall by visiting these websites:// Copyright (c) 2012, the Dart project authors.



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