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An Efficient Personal Finances App for Android. Manage your personal finances, track your finances, bank account, credit card and more.
Geltbox Money Review – The Money App We’ve Been Waiting For
All data is stored safely and securely.
Finances/Bank Account/Credit card/Debt/Loan Balance/ Income/Expenses/ Cash Flow
Geltbox Money Mobile App Review
No.1 All in One Personal Finances Application
Geltbox Money is an all in one personal finances application that manages all your financial accounts from one location.It helps you manage your financial activities more effectively and
becomes the ultimate tool for keeping on top of your finances.
With all its features and functions, the application is versatile and the most intuitive in its class.
Geltbox Money Features:
• All in One Personal Finances Application
• A versatile Personal Finance Management Application
• Manage all your financial accounts from one location
• Manage your banking and account information
• Track your cash flow in real time
• See your bank account activity
• See the status of all your current loans
• See how much your money has earned
• Sync all your financial accounts with Geltbox Money
• Pay any amount, anytime, anywhere with your credit card
• Categorize your money, transfer, deposits, and expenses
• Pin money to a specific category so you can view it at a glance
• Protect yourself from identity theft with a free, double-encrypted password
• Log in or create a new account in seconds
• Access your account info anywhere with your account number and password
• Keep all your passwords protected with a free PIN and never forget your log in
• Know how much you have in each account and when you should make a deposit
• Sync your financial accounts with Geltbox Money, view your financial information
• Use different accounts to track multiple currencies
• Manage all your money for free, no extra charges
• Track your debt in real time
• Track your credit card balances, income, and spending in real time
• Plan your expenses and see how much you have left to pay
• Track your income and expenses, manage your accounts, and plan your budget
• Manage your credit card and personal loan balances, review your loan payment history,
make payments, and pay online
• Set up alerts to receive money into your bank account, paid in full, or on-time
• Add,

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Keymacro is one of the most reliable and useful applications in the world of multifunctional financial software. It is the most unique and powerful program in the world of macros, which makes it really simple to manage your money.
Keymacro consists of all kinds of financial functions, such as budgeting, stock market analysis, securities analysis, savings, loan, mortgages, etc. It also supports more than 30 currencies and over 100 markets, and is the easiest way to invest or manage your finances.
Keymacro is very easy to use. All the functions of the financial software can be accessed by one click of the mouse. The interface is user-friendly and clear, so you will have no difficulties in mastering the application.
Keymacro supports Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7.


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What’s New in the?

Geltbox is a Swiss based company that gives you a platform that simplifies your entire financial life. Geltbox is a place where you can manage your accounts on any device, anytime, anywhere and from your desktop. Whether you are at home, at work or on vacation, you can access all your accounts from a device that fits you best.
Key Features:
• Manage your cash flow, budget and check your account balance.
• Manage your bills, credit cards and loans online.
• Get an instant cash back on your online purchases.
• Automatically add your transactions from your bank and credit card accounts.
• Stay organized with multiple views.
• Easily manage your money through in-app emails, receipts, and more.
• Get account statements in the format you want.
• Receive notifications when your monthly budget is about to be exceeded.
• View your credit score in seconds.
• Set up recurring bills and pay them from anywhere.
• Get detailed reports on your spending.
• Automatically create monthly budgets based on your income.
• Save on your taxes with our online tax filing.
• Track your budget to avoid financial troubles.
• Stay on top of your bills and increase your savings.
• Get an instant cash back on your online purchases.
• Cash transfers from your account to any bank account in the world.
• Invest, receive dividends and buy stock.
• Keep an eye on your investment portfolio.
• Receive funds from anywhere with Geltbox Bank.

Welcome to the GeltBox app for Android, the go-to app for managing your finances.
With GeltBox, you can do a lot more than just manage your account balance and bills. You can also check your credit score, get an instant cash back for your online purchases, monitor your spending and increase your savings.
See the ‘What’s in this version’ section below for a list of improvements and new features!
This version contains a few bug fixes.
Why use GeltBox?
Whether you are managing an ongoing budget or want to increase your savings, managing your money is essential to get the best from your finances. If you’re serious about getting your finances under control, you should make sure you use a robust personal finance manager.
GeltBox is that app:
+ Track your account balance
+ Get an instant cash back on your online purchases
+ Manage your bills
+ Track your spending
+ Keep an eye on your credit score
+ Take back control of your finances
+ Stay on top of your bills
+ Track your income and expenses
+ Get an instant cash back on your online purchases
+ Update your balance sheet
+ Get an instant cash back on your online purchases
+ Track your income and expenses
+ See the cash back you get when using your credit cards and debit

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