GammaLib is a REALbasic plugin to control the monitors hardware Gamma ramps. Give GammaLib a try to see what it can actually do for you!
Currently, GammaLib feature several variations of SetDisplayGammaRamp which enables smoother Gamma fading.


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SetDisplayGammaRamp(varDisplay, varGammaRamp) {
local x:real;
local t:real;
local interval:real;
if varDisplay[0] = 1 then x = 2 end;
if varDisplay[1] = 1 then x = 3 end;
if varDisplay[2] = 1 then x = 4 end;
if varDisplay[3] = 1 then x = 5 end;
if varDisplay[4] = 1 then x = 6 end;
if varDisplay[5] = 1 then x = 7 end;
if varDisplay[6] = 1 then x = 8 end;
if varDisplay[7] = 1 then x = 9 end;
if varDisplay[8] = 1 then x = 10 end;
if varDisplay[9] = 1 then x = 11 end;
if varDisplay[10] = 1 then x = 12 end;
if varDisplay[11] = 1 then x = 13 end;
if varDisplay[12] = 1 then x = 14 end;
if varDisplay[13] = 1 then x = 15 end;
if varDisplay[14] = 1 then x = 16 end;
if varDisplay[15] = 1 then x = 17 end;
if varDisplay[16] = 1 then x = 18 end;
if varDisplay[17] = 1 then x = 19 end;
if varDisplay[18] = 1 then x = 20 end;
if varDisplay[19] = 1 then x = 21 end;
if varDisplay[20] = 1 then x = 22 end;
if varDisplay[21] = 1 then x = 23 end;
if varDisplay[22] = 1 then x = 24 end;
if varDisplay[23] = 1 then x = 25 end;
if varDisplay[24] = 1 then x = 26 end;
if varDisplay[25] = 1 then x = 27 end;
if varDisplay[26] = 1 then x = 28 end;
if varDisplay[27] = 1 then x = 29 end;
if varDisplay[28] = 1 then x = 30 end;
if varDisplay[29] = 1 then x = 31 end;
if varDisplay[30] = 1 then x = 32 end;
if varDisplay[31] =

GammaLib 4.60 [Latest 2022]

– The main window which provides all the information about the current setup
– A set of buttons to provide for quick selection of different
– Gamma settings for the main window or a list of any monitors you
– have.
– A list of all monitors and their corresponding Gamma configuration.
– For each monitor in the list, a few settings:
* – Enable / Disable
* – Enable / Disable the monitor fade out effect
* – Enable / Disable the monitor fade in effect
* – Gamma for the fade out effect
* – Gamma for the fade in effect
* – Shutter time for the fade in effect
* – Shutter time for the fade out effect
* – Display Gamma Ramp for the monitor
* – Fade in and out time
* – Fade in and out speed
* – CPU load
– The history window which lists each of your set of monitor and Gamma settings.
All of the above are described in the README.
GammaLib Installation:
If you’d like to get the latest version of GammaLib, please get it from the source code. If you’d like to run GammaLib on a windows platform, please get the GammaLib Windows installer. You can get it from the source code or from the archive.
GammaLib Requisites:
– Realbasic version of 2.5 or greater
– Realbasic 3 or greater
– Windows or Linux
You can install any version of Realbasic that is compatible with your version of Windows, so don’t worry about that.
Usage Instructions:
– To start using GammaLib, the first thing you’ll need to do is to check for updates.
You can get the latest version by downloading the latest version from the source code.
– On the main window of GammaLib, click on the blue updates button. The update will download the latest GammaLib version to your desktop.
– Open the source code and locate the GammaLib file. Rename this file to GammaLib.realb
– Double-click GammaLib.realb
– Select the blue update button.
– The latest version of GammaLib should be installed on your computer
– The next thing you’ll need to do is to determine your monitor type and location.
To begin with, go to your computer and run a program called “MeasureMonitors.exe”. This will allow you to see all the available monitors on your computer and some

What’s New in the?

Changes the gamma of a graphics display to match a given gamma. This effect is used for the elimination of the harsh transitions of gamma ramps at the beginning and end of the fade. This plugin is useful to simulate picture presentations with older hardware which do not have hardware gamma ramps and the hardware gamma is not adjustable.

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of how GammaLib can make your life easier.

..figure:: img/1

..figure:: img/2

Setting Gamma Lib

GammaLib features several methods of setting the desired gamma for the monitor.

..note:: GammaLib is compatible with all REALbasic V7.1 or later.

..code:: rb

procedure example(msg,w)
string txt = “Gamma Lib: ” + msg
end procedure

proc init()
end proc

proc setDisplayGammaRamp(display_index,gamma)
_display_index = display_index
_display_index = ceiling(_display_index)
end proc

proc setDisplayGamma(display_index,gamma)
_display_index = display_index
_display_index = ceiling(_display_index)
end proc

Examples of settings gamma’s









GammaLib has several tools available.

..code:: rb

proc showDisplays()

System Requirements For GammaLib:

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP (64-bit)
Intel Core i3 or better CPU, or AMD equivalent or better
12GB HD space
DirectX 9.0c
HDD space needed for installation: 2GB.
This game requires a standard Microsoft account. If you do not have one, you can get a free one here.
Download Links (US PSN, EU PSN, UK PSN):
You will also need this file in the

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