fotografia digitale step by step tom ang pdf download

fotografia digitale step by step tom ang pdf download

* Menu/Splash screen with a tip
* 2 buttons (Compress & Decompress)
* Help/About button
* A textbox for the video file
* A progressbar
* A picturebox for the result
* Menu item to open the videos folder

Important Notes

* Compress and Decompress works only on.avi
* Compress and Decompress works on all video and audio formats, including AVI
* The encoder uses libopus and the audio compression uses hqx codec, making it possible to reduce the compression quality without impairing the audio quality
* The compression is lossless, but the quality will be different with different CRF (Combined Rate/Quality Factor)
* Use the version >= 5.5 of ffmpeg, otherwise the compression will be different.
* The compression does not support any of the newly added RGB24, YUYV and YV12 formats
* As the video format is AVI, if the folder contains other video formats, only the AVI will be compressed
* Compress/Decompress for the AVI format generates a new AVI format
* Compress/Decompress for the AVI format will fail for videos longer than 30 minutes
* Decompress is very slow for some videos, please use with caution
* Compress/Decompress for the AVI format can take up to 10 seconds per video
* Compress/Decompress for the AVI format can crash the application
* Compress/Decompress for the AVI format will not work if the output file does not have the same name as the input file
* Compress/Decompress for the AVI format does not support cut or merge video clips

Compress/Decompress for AVI:


├─ Encoding Command


/* encoding command for ffmpeg */

├─ Video path


/* The input file to compress */

├─ Quality Factor (CRF)


/* The compression quality factor (in CRF units). Valid values are 0 – 100. A higher value will reduce the size of the encoded file. You can select the type of encoding by using the Quality option */

├─ Audio path


/* The audio path */ 4f8c9c8613

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Key macro extensions to OpenOffice.
Key macros are written in OpenOffice. The macro processor stores them in an XML-based file format. These macros can be accessed from other applications and loaded into an OpenOffice document.
The MacrosEditor is the application that allows you to create and edit macros. A macro is a template that contains pieces of text or instructions that are stored in an XML file. A macro can contain a single command or many commands that can be executed one after another.
For example, a macro can have a series of steps that get the value of the screen cursor position and delete the character under the cursor. The macro can be saved in a separate macro file and then loaded into a document. When the document is saved, the macro is also saved and can be loaded back into the file at a later date.
Macro files can also be loaded into the MacrosEditor by drag and drop. There are two ways to save and load macros:
Drag and drop a macro file into the MacrosEditor window. A pop-up window appears that lists the macros in the file. Drag the file onto the MacrosEditor window and drop the file onto the MacrosEditor window. Click Save.
Use the MacrosEditor to create a macro from scratch. When the user starts the MacrosEditor, a pop-up window appears that lists the available macro templates. The templates can be modified and saved in a template file. Then, the user clicks OK to create a macro from the template.
The MacrosEditor also stores macro files. The user can load the template and save the result in a macro file. The user can then edit the macro file and load the macro file into the MacrosEditor.
Feature List
• Support for all OpenOffice document formats.
• Support for the MacrosEditor.
• Support for Microsoft Outlook.
• Drag and drop support.
• Supports multiple macro files and templates.
• Support for multiple user groups.
• Support for events and user-defined formulas.
• Integrated spellchecker for English and other languages.
• Support for Microsoft Office documents in all Office applications.
• Support for Microsoft Word and Excel.
• Support for Microsoft Access and Visual Basic.
• Support for Unicode and custom character encodings.
• Support for Office Open XML format.
• Support for embedded object data.
• Support for embedded attachments.
• Integrated document properties window.
• Customizable user

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