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EntitySpaces 15.0.16 Crack + [32|64bit]

1) A data persistence layer.
2) A layer of object oriented business objects.
3) A database/table/row independent schema structure that models the data in the database.
4) An object generation tool that generates a data persistence layer object model from your database’s schema.
The EntitySpaces Architecture is the part of a larger system of Microsoft-related database projects. The more familiar version of the project that is being used with EntitySpaces can be found here.

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EntitySpaces 15.0.16 Activator

EntitySpaces stands for the EntitySpaces Architecture which is a new persistence layer and business object system for the Microsoft.NET 3.5 Framework. The EntitySpaces architecture is also database independent.
The EntitySpaces data providers are loosely coupled to your application and will let you use the same compiled code to access a whole host of databases.
The EntitySpaces architecture for.NET has in its ancestry the popular dOOdads architecture. The EntitySpaces architecture is generated from your database’s metadata or schema using the popular code generator and OR Mapping tool, MyGeneration. MyGeneration is 100% free.

EntitySpaces consists of two main components:

– A Language for Business Object Models. A.NET Business Object language for defining the object models used by EntitySpaces. It has a number of built-in features such as Inheritance, Associations, Mapping, and Persistence.
– An EntitySpaces Framework. The EntitySpaces framework enables use of the business object language on the data source side to access data in databases, other web services, or on objects in memory.


EntitySpaces can be used with both SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008.
EntitySpaces also allows use with a SQLite database

An EntitySpaces store is made up of Entities (which are similar to Entities from the Entity Framework), Entities are composed of Properties (these are similar to POCO objects from NHibernate) which describe the data objects.
An EntitySpaces store can be created using MyGeneration, a free metatdata code generator and OR mapping tool from dotConnect for Microsoft.NET. MyGeneration will also create all of the.NET databinding code for you and let you use your business objects with a different data source to EntitySpaces automatically.
Using MyGeneration, you can generate a Class Library for your SQL Server database schema and all of the EntitySpaces data sources using MyGeneration. Then MyGeneration allows you to compile the code and run the application. MyGeneration allows you to generate both a source code project and a Visual Studio project (.csproj) for this code. This is the EntitySpaces source code project which you can use to create EntitySpaces entities from your SQL Server schema and your EntitySpaces store in memory or in a SQL Server database.
Here is a short video of My

EntitySpaces 15.0.16 License Keygen [Win/Mac]

The EntitySpaces system automatically generates class models for most relational databases and SQL Server 2005. These models can be used directly by your code as your business objects without any need to do complex SQL. The code generated for you is fully LINQ compliant. The entity models generated by EntitySpaces are dynamic, so if you add, update or remove a column from your database then the code generator will automatically reflect this change in your entity models.
EntitySpaces Architecture and Design Principles:
The EntitySpaces architecture and design principles are based on the following principles:
Portability. The EntitySpaces data providers are portable between databases and environments (different providers are required for Oracle and DB2). The only differences between providers are in the mapping of the generated classes to the underlying database schema.
Lack of an ORM (Object Relational Mapper). As well as supporting SQL and LINQ, there is no ORM built into EntitySpaces. This is by design, as EntitySpaces is not an ORM but provides a set of APIs that map a database’s schema to a set of ADO.NET classes.
Portability. The EntitySpaces data providers are portable between environments and databases (MyGeneration automatically generates provider specific API code to access the data provider for the specific environment and database being used).
Migration. EntitySpaces does not support automatic migration, but rather provides methods that allow migration to occur without stopping your application.
Extensibility. EntitySpaces provides an easy way to add additional data providers.
Dependency Injection. EntitySpaces provides a way to inject the data providers you want to use.
EntitySpaces Is Database Independent. The EntitySpaces design allows us to generate the database schemas we need to support the various database schemas that are often used in real business applications.
The EntitySpaces system will generate a set of class models for you from a database schema. These models are generated from your database and don’t need to be tied to your code.
The EntitySpaces system has a number of data provider objects, the EntitySpacesDataProvider. These data providers are the means by which the EntitySpaces system maps your database schema to ADO.NET objects. These data providers provide a means to access your databases and to retrieve data into ADO.NET objects.
EntitySpaces Data Providers:
The EntitySpaces system provides a range of data providers.
.NET Data Providers

What’s New In?

EntitySpaces is a set of C# classes that encapsulate the use of the Entity Framework 4.0 from Microsoft. These classes allow you to program against an object relational model directly, without having to work with the underlying object and relational mapping features of the Entity Framework.


The EntitySpaces architecture for.NET is a collection of classes that allow you to use the Entity Framework 4.0 to make changes to your database, and to produce classes and business objects that represent the changes you make. The EntitySpaces architecture is designed to give you the power to change your database’s structure as easily as you change your code.

When developing an application against an existing database using EntitySpaces, the EntitySpaces code generator can be used to add the necessary metadata to the existing database.

This is the entry point into the EntitySpaces architecture for.NET. EntitySpaces loads the EntitySpaces architecture for.NET and creates a database and schema from your database. Using the EntitySpaces architecture for.NET, the EntitySpaces code generator creates C# classes for your model, and any associated views, stored procedures and UDFs.

When you are finished developing your application, you can deploy the changes in your C# application and the EntitySpaces code generator will produce a database schema for your new tables. This can be done at the time you deploy your application, or at a later time.

To use the EntitySpaces architecture for.NET, you must add a using statement to your application.

EntitySpaces provides two ways of working with your database. First, you can run queries against the database directly. This mode of working with your database can be very simple. Second, you can create model classes that represent your database. The model classes can then be used by any application, or code generator, that is aware of the EntitySpaces architecture for.NET.

I can easily generate EF 1.0 Model classes from SQL Server Compact 4.0 database. But I cannot generate the Model Classes from my SQL Server 2008 database. I have some metadata and it is generated fine. But when I open the Visual Studio Schema Designer, it shows the following Error on Create:”Could not find any metadata for model. Did you forget to add an Entity Type metadata? A different kind of Metadata? Are you using a Database with different Type of database than the original one?”

Stu: thanks for your feedback. It seems that the EntitySpaces metadata provider for SQL Server Compact 4.0 does not support creating the schema for SQL Server Compact databases. One workaround that I have used to work around this limitation is to create a new SQL Server Compact 4.0 database from the SQL Server 2008 database using the File > Open Connection dialog and specifying this database as the source for the SQL Compact 4.0 database. Then I can use

System Requirements For EntitySpaces:

OS: Windows 10 or higher
Processor: Intel Core i5-750
Memory: 3 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 10 GB
Additional Notes:
iPad Pro / iPad Air 2 only: If you are running the game on the iPad Pro or iPad Air 2, you will need to use the supplied iPad app. Other iOS devices will not work.
iPad / iPhone 5S and newer: If you are running the game on the iPad or iPhone 5


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