ColorFix 3.94.1550 Activation Key For Windows 2022

  • June 7, 2022
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ColorFix 3.94.1550 Activation Key For Windows 2022







ColorFix 3.94.1550 Crack + Keygen Download

ColorFix Free Download is a simple and fast application that lets you automatically fix images. It allows you to easily adjust the brightness and saturation levels of the image files.

Launched in 2003, our QuartzForce application offers excellent image editing features and fast performance, and it has plenty of unique effects. This photo editor is great for enthusiasts, professionals, and beginners who want to fix photos, edit photos, retouch photos, or enhance photos.

Image Zoom
This is a freeware and quick way to open a file and magnify or reduce it to a certain level. The interface is very simple and user-friendly, and it can be used to open, change, close or cut out a part of a photo, as well as to adjust the brightness of the image and to paste it in a new location.

Bitmap to Image Converter
This program allows you to convert an image to various image formats, such as:
It can also convert the image to smaller or larger images or even to a PC screen!
Bitmap to Image Converter Description:
Bitmap to Image Converter is a quick and easy to use application that will help you convert and edit your Bitmap, GIF, PCX, JPG, JPEG and TIFF images into other image formats, such as GIF, BMP, PNG, PCX, TIF, TGA, SGI, EAS, SPC, ETC, ICON and so on. It is an indispensable tool for creating GIF, BMP, PCX, JPG, JPEG and TIFF files with high quality. Bitmap to Image Converter allows you to edit your images easily and quickly, such as reducing the size of your images and saving them as various image formats.

Rubber Stamp
Rubber Stamp is a Photoshop plugin to help you create stamps and stamp effects. You can add different custom stamp backgrounds and stamps, customize the size and the color of the stamp, and create a stamp that can be applied to your images easily.

Rubber Stamp Description:
Rubber Stamp is a Photoshop plugin that allows you to create stamps and stamp effects.

Grass Frame (3D)
With the help of this handy piece of software, you can add a frame to

ColorFix 3.94.1550 Serial Key

Key Macro is a small yet powerful utility to create your own keyboard shortcuts.
The program allows you to assign any keystroke to any command and save it as a macro so that you can use it anytime and anywhere on your PC.
You can also create multiple macros with a single shortcut. You can assign a different key combination to each macro, therefore you can use all macros at the same time.
In case you want to re-use a macro, you can save it as an application. In this way you can use it as a standard shortcut on any program and thus make your life much easier.
Key Macro allows you to modify the behavior of any program, so you can assign any shortcut to open a file, edit a document, launch a web browser or anything else.
Key Macro offers support for all keyboards (including a variety of unusual ones). And you can manually assign any macro to any button (eg: F10).
The program is perfectly compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

PixelPerfect is a good and easy-to-use program to apply images of all sizes to the desktop.
It comes with a simple wizard-style interface that helps you to quickly get started. If you are looking for a cross-platform desktop utility, PixelPerfect is a great option. The program supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems.
The most intriguing feature is a built-in magnifier that allows you to enlarge and read the images on your screen. It can be switched on and off independently of the main program’s settings.
PixelPerfect sports a solid and straightforward interface. The primary settings panel allows you to change all the program’s options in a single place.
To select the image size, you can use the slider or type in the exact height and width in the boxes.
PixelPerfect can handle multiple files of various sizes and can combine them into a single image. It does the job quickly and without problems.
The program comes with a built-in image converter. It can easily handle all popular image formats, such as JPEG, GIF and PNG.
The major drawback of the application is that it is a basic image editor. PixelPerfect features only basic editing functions, such as clipping, cropping, rotating, cropping, resizing and rotating.
You can resize and crop images by moving the mouse cursor over the image and pressing the left button.
When you want to rotate the picture, press the

ColorFix 3.94.1550 For PC

ColorFix is a lightweight cross-platform utility built specifically for helping users adjust the brightness and saturation levels for the images stored in the computer. It sports a simple and clean interface that allows you to set up the entire process in just three steps. The application works only with two file formats, namely JPG or TIF. You can drag and drop the items directly into the primary panel or use the built-in browse function. ColorFix supports batch processing, which means you can add multiple images to the list and convert the colors in the same time. Thanks to its built-in sliders, you can easily change the saturation levels (red, green or blue) and brightness values (shadows, midtones, highlights). The program automatically saves the processed photos to the same destination as the original ones. It maintains the same file format and adds the “fixed” extension at the end of the file name. Unfortunately, you cannot select a saving directory and preview the uploaded images in the main window. ColorFix keeps a log which gives you details about the operation and possible errors. The log cannot be exported to a file, but you can copy the information to the Clipboard. During our testing we have noticed that the tool offers very good image quality and without errors throughout the entire process. It manages to remain light on the system resources, so it doesn’t hamper system performance, nor interfere with other programs’ functionality. All things considered, ColorFix is a simple-to-use application that helps users modify the brightness and saturation levels. The lack of configurable settings makes this program ideal for less experienced users.

Color Correct Fix

ColorCorrectFix is a tool that can help users repair image colors that have gone slightly out of place. You can easily enhance and modify the colors and contrast. You can perform various functions, which help you to correct the colors of the files that have been saved in different ways. This program also allows you to customize the program according to your needs.

K.i.s.s. PR.e.m.u.l.t.e.

K.i.s.s. is a powerful utility for the automated addition of several files to the selected folder. This program is a sort of “batch processing” tool. It can add image to a folder, create a slideshow or convert the images to another format. It can be used as a batch processing tool. You can use it as an organizer to arrange different files in

What’s New in the ColorFix?

System Requirements:

Windows XP SP2 and later
Windows Vista SP2 and later
Windows 7 SP1 or later
Mac OS X Snow Leopard or later
Minimum 2 GB RAM
12 GB free hard disk space
NVIDIA FX 5800 graphics card or better
1024×768 resolution screen
Willingness to wait and pay for the game download (including the CD)
Supported Video Cards:
[Update 2/15/2013] – Added more cards to the supported list.
[Update 2/8

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