Blue Cat 039;s Oscilloscope Multi 3.0.116 Torrent

Blue Cat 039;s Oscilloscope Multi 3.0.116 Torrent







Blue Cat 039;s Oscilloscope Multi 3.0.116 Crack+ Free Download PC/Windows (2022)

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Blue Cat 039;s Oscilloscope Multi 3.0.116

What’s New In Blue Cat 039;s Oscilloscope Multi?

Blue Cat's Oscilloscope Multi represents a set of utilities that are intended for the analysis and in-depth extraction of data from stereo or mid-side channels, for audio content.

As an overall capacity, you can use the current utilities for the real-time tracking of audio tracks. As such, the contents of uploaded pieces are going to be easily analyzable, in a visual manner.

The current packages are available for DirectX, VST, and AAX. They allow comparatively visualizing content, accurately conducting measurements, performing latency compensation research, viewing the waveforms of audio pieces in comparative ways, and, last but not least, looking at your content's components distributed on XY axes (XY phase scope views).

Furthermore, with the contents of this package, users can also play the waveforms in various ways and modes, such as playing them on loop, in trigger state, or on flow. Additionally, zooming in and out on different waveform displays is possible. Plus, on top of all these, the curves and fluctuations of different audio oscillations can be saved for later analysis.

In conclusion, Blue Cat's Oscilloscope Multi is a complex set of instruments for all those who need advanced sound analysis tools. At the same time, the nice-looking interface and the complex feature set make it a valuable asset for musicians, music programmers, and all other users who want to perform in-depth analyses for various compositions.


-High-quality oscilloscope and spectrogram visuals.
-Real-time track of audio source.
-Stereo and mid-side decomposition.
-Overlapping multiple views for improved analysis.
-Curve-based zoom (to be measured only).
-Trigger-based zoom (to be measured only).
-Gain-based zoom.
-Drag & drop for new positions.
-Offset compensation for new positions.
-Measuring function for new positions.
-Viewer for new positions.
-XY Phase Scope view.
-View in different modes.
-Undo & Redo functions.
-Measurement function for XY Zoom.
-Sync function.
-Measurement during playback.
-Ascending/descending (higher/lower) for waveforms/measurements/curves.
-Record function for the XY Phase Scope view.
-Save functions for the XY Phase Scope view.
-Edit functions for the XY Phase Scope view.
-Functioning as a controller.
-Waveform selection.
-Rendering options.
-Insert/Cut/Paste/Delete/Sync/Undo/Redo functions for the viewer.
-Loop play.
-Playback options.

System Requirements For Blue Cat 039;s Oscilloscope Multi:

This mod has been tested on Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 7.
Compatibility with Windows 8.1 may vary and not all features may work.
Before installing any mod, make sure to back up your files to the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc) or make a back up of your mod folder.
Sound mods have been tested and confirmed to work correctly with this mod. Make sure that your other audio mods work correctly before installing this mod.
ENB 2.x is recommended

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January 2023