Barbie Of Swan Lake The Enchanted Forest

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Barbie Of Swan Lake The Enchanted Forest













Barbie Of Swan Lake The Enchanted Forest


This photo is of the interactive books Barbie and the forest. The viewer is put into the roles of Odette, Lila, and eventually Odette’s alter ego Barbie as she wanders through the forest.
The enchanting magical forest where O-dette journeys to as she tries to save her best friend Lila from the villainous frog prince!


Cinematic films

She’s All That
Painted in the style of Tim Burton’s 1989 film, Nightmare Before Christmas. The short was made as a promotion for the release of the feature film. As such, a few of the original series’ artwork elements can be seen in the short, such as the “Merry Men” from Walt Disney Pictures’ Return to Oz and the silhouette of the “Principal Skinner” from a portion of the Disney film, Fantasia 2000.

Super Mario Bros.: Super Star
Created by Miyamoto as a promotional tie-in with the Nintendo 32-bit home console. It is an action/platform game where Mario attempts to rescue his friends Princess Toadstool and Bowser from the alien Koopa Emperor.

These are the logos that can be seen in the pre-release trailers for Super Mario Bros: Super Star.


Fantasia 2000
Prince Adam’s Castle
The Princess and the Frog

Akemi and Haru

The Heart of the World


The Nightmare Before Christmas (premiere)
Monsters, Inc.


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Barbie Of Swan Lake The Enchanted Forest Game
Free . Barbie Of Swan Lake The Enchanted Forest Game – j.mp4 – введите сюда Картинки и текст подождите для сгенерирования новой! На всех сайтах, где возможно, используемые коды.

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